Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wow it's been a while..I apologize that I have been MIA for a while and I am still very busy so this is post is going to be lots of pictures with short captions (which is my favorite kind to read anyway) 

First I'm going to update you on my little man, because he turned 6 months old yesterday and I just want to brag about how cute he is. Also I am VERY emotional about this whole 6 month thing.. :( sigh you weren't kidding when you all said it goes by way too fast..

While Michael was eating his carrots he kept reaching for the bowl. I wondered what would happen if I let him have it after he ate (almost) all of his food..well apparently he was done with carrots and was still hungry for bowl. He had so much fun playing in carrot :) I had fun clicking pictures along the way..and of course I had to snap a few while he got a bath ;) 

We also tried frozen peaches in a net thingy (which is awesome and I totally recommend everyone with a teething baby get one) and as you can tell he loved it! 
 My first Mother's Day was very fun, my husband snapped a few of me and Michael outside. It was probably 10 AM and nearly 100* so we stayed in the AC the rest of the day. I think i'm going to (try) and do a mini mommy and me shoot every Mother's Day. ;)
Michael crawled! He finally did it! Okay, well he only moved each arm and leg once before plopping down and giggling..Hey! it counts, right? Anyways I think he does it behind my back because in a matter of seconds he makes it across the living room and to my feet. All I feel is baby hands and hear a squeal. I had to snap a quick picture of proof. Here he is OBVIOUSLY up to something, I mean LOOK at that smile. He was back in the middle of those toys watching TV and a few minutes later I hear a giggle and there he is. Clearly this boy crawls behind my back.

Okay so that's how my little guy is doing - still handsome as usual ;) 

 I got this bad boy for Mother's Day too! I LOVE it! So much ZOOM! I can't wait to play around with it while on vacation in..17 days! woo!

Here I am with my new Team Lilly shirt. Lilly is 8 months old and battling Ewing's's a rare bone cancer. She was diagnosed at only 4 months old (which I believe is the youngest ever). She is such an amazing, strong, and happy baby for everything she's gone through. If you want more information or would like to purchase a Team Lilly shirt or Bracelet you can contact her amazing mother (here) OR shoot me a message/email/text anything. :)

 Okay, now onto the goodies.. if you weren't hungry before, you're sure to be after you see what I've been up to in my kitchen!

So this is what 295ish cake pops look like ready to be stuck with a stick (lol). I baked, crumbled, and rolled (with the help of my amazing husband) for roughly 12 hours that day. 

Some of the Mother's Day cake pops. Simple orange w/ sprinkles.

Mother's Day cake pops..Yellow w/ white pearl flower/pink&yellow flower

Mother's Day cake pops..Red w/ sugar sprinkles

Mother's Day cake pops..Hot Pink w/ yellow drizzle

over $180 in shipping cost, but this was all but two of my orders. 

One of my buddies won one of my cake pop giveaways, so I made his special. He is a gamer so these are World of Warcraft cake pops. The Horde symbol and a Hearth Stone. It's okay if you don't know what they are ;) haha

I was craving Somoas, so I made some Somoa bars and they turned out pretty good. I have a few tweaks I'll do next time I make them though. ;)

These were for a customers daughter. She wanted red and blue vanilla cupcakes w/ white flowers. She and her class enjoyed these :)

These cute girls are French Vanilla mini cupcakes w/ a hint of raspberry with cool whip frosting and topped with a raspberry chocolate rose. So yummy! I had 3..or 4 ;) 

As always I have a giveaway going on so make sure you check it out (here) It's going to be a good one ;) I will be on vacation for most the month of June (yay!) so is I'm MIA it's probably because I'm having way too much fun ;) I have LOTS of fun cake pops to do these next few weeks so hopefully I can squeeze in another blog post or two :) 


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