Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacation starts now! ✈

Well this will be my last update until the end of June. We are going to leave here tomorrow night and make the 2.5 hour drive to LA -> Chicago for a layover -> Detroit -> 3 hour drive north. It's going to be a LONG Saturday. I'm getting nervous about flying with the little guy. I have flown more times than I can remember and I ALWAYS had babies near me and I absolutely hated it. Now we're going to be those people. I have Mickey Mouse downloaded and ready to play on the kindle fire, and a few toys I packed away a week or so ago so maybe he will be excited to see them again. I've read up on all the tips and am ready to just get it over with. Wish me luck!!

I did some REALLY fun cake pops the past week, the ESC (enlisted spouses club) of Edwards AFB is doing a quarter auction and I was asked to donate cake pops for the dessert table! The theme is Luau so this is what I came up with

I LOVE these grass skirts! I thought they turned out pretty darn cute ;)

I also did some cake bites for a friend (Hi Mark!) He is designing my website and will hopefully get it up and going in the next few days. He's having a bunch of friends over for a 20's style party.

Some pearls and black bites w/ white roses. 

My cousin (Hi brea!) is having a baby girl that is due to make an appearance around August 2nd. She had her baby shower last weekend and I made her some cute cake pops. She LOVES owls so of course I had to make some.

I think those light pink pearly ones are adorable for a princess :) I also made the cake purple for a little surprise. I thought the owls turned out alright for my first run at em'

I have also been messing around with dipped oreos which I'm now addicted too *shakes fist* I'm NEVER going to lose these last 10 lbs. SIGH

Yay for dipped oreos!

I had a customer tell me her son loved Ben 10 and she wanted to take some cake pops to his class. I had no idea who Ben 10 was so after a few google searches I came up with these
turns out he really liked them :) 

Oh yeah, and these whales and fish. Not my favorite, but my customer was happy :)

Now to end this blog I'm going to absolutely share a picture of my handsome fella

Hope you all have a LOVELY June - I will have so much to tell you about when I return from vacation! <3

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wow it's been a while..I apologize that I have been MIA for a while and I am still very busy so this is post is going to be lots of pictures with short captions (which is my favorite kind to read anyway) 

First I'm going to update you on my little man, because he turned 6 months old yesterday and I just want to brag about how cute he is. Also I am VERY emotional about this whole 6 month thing.. :( sigh you weren't kidding when you all said it goes by way too fast..

While Michael was eating his carrots he kept reaching for the bowl. I wondered what would happen if I let him have it after he ate (almost) all of his food..well apparently he was done with carrots and was still hungry for bowl. He had so much fun playing in carrot :) I had fun clicking pictures along the way..and of course I had to snap a few while he got a bath ;) 

We also tried frozen peaches in a net thingy (which is awesome and I totally recommend everyone with a teething baby get one) and as you can tell he loved it! 
 My first Mother's Day was very fun, my husband snapped a few of me and Michael outside. It was probably 10 AM and nearly 100* so we stayed in the AC the rest of the day. I think i'm going to (try) and do a mini mommy and me shoot every Mother's Day. ;)
Michael crawled! He finally did it! Okay, well he only moved each arm and leg once before plopping down and giggling..Hey! it counts, right? Anyways I think he does it behind my back because in a matter of seconds he makes it across the living room and to my feet. All I feel is baby hands and hear a squeal. I had to snap a quick picture of proof. Here he is OBVIOUSLY up to something, I mean LOOK at that smile. He was back in the middle of those toys watching TV and a few minutes later I hear a giggle and there he is. Clearly this boy crawls behind my back.

Okay so that's how my little guy is doing - still handsome as usual ;) 

 I got this bad boy for Mother's Day too! I LOVE it! So much ZOOM! I can't wait to play around with it while on vacation in..17 days! woo!

Here I am with my new Team Lilly shirt. Lilly is 8 months old and battling Ewing's's a rare bone cancer. She was diagnosed at only 4 months old (which I believe is the youngest ever). She is such an amazing, strong, and happy baby for everything she's gone through. If you want more information or would like to purchase a Team Lilly shirt or Bracelet you can contact her amazing mother (here) OR shoot me a message/email/text anything. :)

 Okay, now onto the goodies.. if you weren't hungry before, you're sure to be after you see what I've been up to in my kitchen!

So this is what 295ish cake pops look like ready to be stuck with a stick (lol). I baked, crumbled, and rolled (with the help of my amazing husband) for roughly 12 hours that day. 

Some of the Mother's Day cake pops. Simple orange w/ sprinkles.

Mother's Day cake pops..Yellow w/ white pearl flower/pink&yellow flower

Mother's Day cake pops..Red w/ sugar sprinkles

Mother's Day cake pops..Hot Pink w/ yellow drizzle

over $180 in shipping cost, but this was all but two of my orders. 

One of my buddies won one of my cake pop giveaways, so I made his special. He is a gamer so these are World of Warcraft cake pops. The Horde symbol and a Hearth Stone. It's okay if you don't know what they are ;) haha

I was craving Somoas, so I made some Somoa bars and they turned out pretty good. I have a few tweaks I'll do next time I make them though. ;)

These were for a customers daughter. She wanted red and blue vanilla cupcakes w/ white flowers. She and her class enjoyed these :)

These cute girls are French Vanilla mini cupcakes w/ a hint of raspberry with cool whip frosting and topped with a raspberry chocolate rose. So yummy! I had 3..or 4 ;) 

As always I have a giveaway going on so make sure you check it out (here) It's going to be a good one ;) I will be on vacation for most the month of June (yay!) so is I'm MIA it's probably because I'm having way too much fun ;) I have LOTS of fun cake pops to do these next few weeks so hopefully I can squeeze in another blog post or two :) 


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Watch out world!

 So I did a really fun and random giveaway. Out of no where I decided I probably shouldn't eat the extra cake pops. Which was my best idea yet since I'm trying very hard to lose these last 10 baby lbs. Vacation starts June 1st, so hopefully I can lose a few lbs to go shopping first ;) ANYWAYS, I posted some riddles, and the first person to get all of them correct wins. Turns out the lady that won has a son turning 1 this week so I did a simple "birthday" cake pop for him. She also makes and sells the cutest stuff. Check her out (here) - She just made this fabulous leopard print bow holder thingy that's pretty neat! These are her pops :
The original Cake Pops, though were more fun marble ones. I just think these are so cool looking! 

I also got to free-style some cupcakes for a bake sale. She didn't care which kinds, she just didn't want to bake them herself. This lady was the one that ordered the lady bug cake pops. She's always so sweet. I decided because she was such an awesome customer that I'd top some strawberry cupcakes (w/ delicious cool whip frosting) with some white chocolate dipped strawberries. Oh. My. Gosh. I forgot how awesome dipped strawberries are! haha I also made her some simple red velvet cupcakes, because well..everyone loves red velvet! Am I right?

My little man is SO close to crawling. He moves both his knees and then just can't seem to figure out how to move those arms. This week he's been really into reaching for things. He doesn't want the toy that's right in front of him he wants the one just out of reach. That's probably why he's so eager to crawl.  I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands full when he figures those arms out. I can't wait! 

My husband is back on swing shift as of today, so I'm lonely at nights again. I think I'm going to download a new book on my kindle and read a little. We have no wine, so I'm a tad depressed tonight.. lol Kidding! but seriously.. We asked the shoppette if we could order some of the wine I like so we don't have to go off base for it and they said I had to order at least 3 cases. I just might do it. Ha. Well - Signing out for the night, hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Groovy baby, yeah!

T minus 3 hours until Friday! Yay! Hopefully everyone got their cake pop orders today, if not you all should get them tomorrow! What a dee-licious way to end the week ;) My 150/200 'like' giveaway ended this morning, and both my winners are very excited to get some yummy pops. I'm just waiting on a few surprises to come in the mail.

So, my son has decided he doesn't want me to wipe his face after he eats his baby food. He wants to do it all by himself. It's so silly, after a few bites he turns and wipes his face on a blanket (I put there for some cushion on his wooden highchair) hanging on the back of his highchair.

So of course when I'm not busy baking or hanging out with my handsome little guy i'm..baking.. I just got this giant cupcake pan so I thought I would have some fun. Man, it was harder than I thought it would be. I ended up trying to make a chocolate shell to look like a cupcake liner and it broke in like 3 pieces when I took it out of the mold. :( Not wanting to make more fondant I just decorated half the cake..Yes, the other half of this baby is plain, no fondant, no frosting, nothing lol! 

Groovy, huh? I also had an order for some vanilla cake pops, the customer said she didn't care how they were decorated she just has been craving them. So I made fun blue ones. I have had these sprinkles for a while now and have wanted to use them. Now was my chance! 

One of my close friends and her husband started a business washing windows, power washing, cleaning out gutters, cleaning air-conditioning units, all that fun stuff we hate to do every spring. Well you know how I just LOVE free stuff, so we got together and decided to do another cake pop giveaway! Check out her website (here) and her facebook page (here) for more details on the giveaway! She also ordered some Detroit Tigers themed cake pops for her brothers 6th birthday. Here they are..

Don't forget to enter the Mommy Needs a Break cake pop giveaway along with the Pane in the Glass Window Washing one! Good Luck! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

No time!

Wow, I've been really slacking with this whole blog lately. It was another busy weekend for me, which is a good thing. I JUST got done (it's 10:45 PM day two) with all the orders for tomorrow. I have 6 getting shipped and 6 getting picked up. I didn't have much time to snap photos while I was working on them, but I sure did taste test. I think my new favorite is the oreo though, or maybe the chocolate peanut butter...hmm I can't decide!

I did however have time to snap a few of my monkey boy being handsome as usual. He is really into touching and feeling everything right now. If you talk to him he will try and stick his hand right into your mouth, it's so silly. People always ask me how I have the time to do all this baking with a 5 month old. To be honest I just put him first. He is my number one, and if It takes me twice as long - oh well. I want to be the best mother I can. Seeing him smile, and hearing him laugh are my favorite things.

We are still working on making the switch from bassinet/cosleeping to crib. I blame myself for it being so difficult. So far he makes it about 4-6 hours, and I of course am sleeping in his room also on the extra bed. I'm hoping after we get the crib thing worked out I will go back to my big comfy soft bed with my bed hogging dog and husband. 

Mommy Needs a Break reviewed my cake pops! We are also doing a giveaway - so you still have a chance to taste these Dee-licious cake pops! Review and giveaway (here)..Don't forget my giveaway also (here)! We somehow managed to get 200 fans before the 150 giveaway ended so I'm making that one extra special, and 2 lucky people will be surprised. Good Luck!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Thank you everyone! The winning pops are CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER, COOKIE DOUGH, and OREO. Head on over to to place an order!


It's been a little hectic in the Price house this week. I haven't had many orders, but I think it's all catching up with me. I'm one tired Momma. I did make some Red Velvet brownie and Oreo Bites and they both were super yummy. I just wish Oreos weren't nearly $4.00 a package. I'll be looking out for coupons and sales for sure.

I think my little man is going to skip the crawl phase and go into the "bear walk" phase. He keeps doing push ups, and I'm not talking about your typical baby push up. He is way too strong.

So I think I'm becoming one of those moms that is crazy about what is in her childs food.. My son is breast fed (not completely exclusive), but now that he's eating vegetables I'm getting nervous. I got my baby bullet out and made some Peas. It cost me $0.95 for 12 servings (he eats one a day). I couldn't believe how much brighter the home made stuff was, and it totally smelled better. The commissary doesn't really carry much organic stuff here, so I'll have to settle for the regular sweet potatoes, but I'm sure it'll still be better than the jar crap, right?

I hate blogging in the morning because something awesome usually happens to me during the day and I have to wait until my next blog to tell you. SO I'm hoping for an amazing Friday as I actually have plans to go to a BBQ at the park around noon. The hubby gets off work to join me, and free food - BONUS!

OH and my website should be up and running in a few days thanks to my wonderful friend Mark. He's been such a great help! He will have so many baked goods at his door step :)

Happy Friday!