Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Watch out world!

 So I did a really fun and random giveaway. Out of no where I decided I probably shouldn't eat the extra cake pops. Which was my best idea yet since I'm trying very hard to lose these last 10 baby lbs. Vacation starts June 1st, so hopefully I can lose a few lbs to go shopping first ;) ANYWAYS, I posted some riddles, and the first person to get all of them correct wins. Turns out the lady that won has a son turning 1 this week so I did a simple "birthday" cake pop for him. She also makes and sells the cutest stuff. Check her out (here) - She just made this fabulous leopard print bow holder thingy that's pretty neat! These are her pops :
The original Cake Pops, though were more fun marble ones. I just think these are so cool looking! 

I also got to free-style some cupcakes for a bake sale. She didn't care which kinds, she just didn't want to bake them herself. This lady was the one that ordered the lady bug cake pops. She's always so sweet. I decided because she was such an awesome customer that I'd top some strawberry cupcakes (w/ delicious cool whip frosting) with some white chocolate dipped strawberries. Oh. My. Gosh. I forgot how awesome dipped strawberries are! haha I also made her some simple red velvet cupcakes, because well..everyone loves red velvet! Am I right?

My little man is SO close to crawling. He moves both his knees and then just can't seem to figure out how to move those arms. This week he's been really into reaching for things. He doesn't want the toy that's right in front of him he wants the one just out of reach. That's probably why he's so eager to crawl.  I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands full when he figures those arms out. I can't wait! 

My husband is back on swing shift as of today, so I'm lonely at nights again. I think I'm going to download a new book on my kindle and read a little. We have no wine, so I'm a tad depressed tonight.. lol Kidding! but seriously.. We asked the shoppette if we could order some of the wine I like so we don't have to go off base for it and they said I had to order at least 3 cases. I just might do it. Ha. Well - Signing out for the night, hope you all have a wonderful week! 

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