Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Watch out world!

 So I did a really fun and random giveaway. Out of no where I decided I probably shouldn't eat the extra cake pops. Which was my best idea yet since I'm trying very hard to lose these last 10 baby lbs. Vacation starts June 1st, so hopefully I can lose a few lbs to go shopping first ;) ANYWAYS, I posted some riddles, and the first person to get all of them correct wins. Turns out the lady that won has a son turning 1 this week so I did a simple "birthday" cake pop for him. She also makes and sells the cutest stuff. Check her out (here) - She just made this fabulous leopard print bow holder thingy that's pretty neat! These are her pops :
The original Cake Pops, though were more fun marble ones. I just think these are so cool looking! 

I also got to free-style some cupcakes for a bake sale. She didn't care which kinds, she just didn't want to bake them herself. This lady was the one that ordered the lady bug cake pops. She's always so sweet. I decided because she was such an awesome customer that I'd top some strawberry cupcakes (w/ delicious cool whip frosting) with some white chocolate dipped strawberries. Oh. My. Gosh. I forgot how awesome dipped strawberries are! haha I also made her some simple red velvet cupcakes, because well..everyone loves red velvet! Am I right?

My little man is SO close to crawling. He moves both his knees and then just can't seem to figure out how to move those arms. This week he's been really into reaching for things. He doesn't want the toy that's right in front of him he wants the one just out of reach. That's probably why he's so eager to crawl.  I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands full when he figures those arms out. I can't wait! 

My husband is back on swing shift as of today, so I'm lonely at nights again. I think I'm going to download a new book on my kindle and read a little. We have no wine, so I'm a tad depressed tonight.. lol Kidding! but seriously.. We asked the shoppette if we could order some of the wine I like so we don't have to go off base for it and they said I had to order at least 3 cases. I just might do it. Ha. Well - Signing out for the night, hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Groovy baby, yeah!

T minus 3 hours until Friday! Yay! Hopefully everyone got their cake pop orders today, if not you all should get them tomorrow! What a dee-licious way to end the week ;) My 150/200 'like' giveaway ended this morning, and both my winners are very excited to get some yummy pops. I'm just waiting on a few surprises to come in the mail.

So, my son has decided he doesn't want me to wipe his face after he eats his baby food. He wants to do it all by himself. It's so silly, after a few bites he turns and wipes his face on a blanket (I put there for some cushion on his wooden highchair) hanging on the back of his highchair.

So of course when I'm not busy baking or hanging out with my handsome little guy i'm..baking.. I just got this giant cupcake pan so I thought I would have some fun. Man, it was harder than I thought it would be. I ended up trying to make a chocolate shell to look like a cupcake liner and it broke in like 3 pieces when I took it out of the mold. :( Not wanting to make more fondant I just decorated half the cake..Yes, the other half of this baby is plain, no fondant, no frosting, nothing lol! 

Groovy, huh? I also had an order for some vanilla cake pops, the customer said she didn't care how they were decorated she just has been craving them. So I made fun blue ones. I have had these sprinkles for a while now and have wanted to use them. Now was my chance! 

One of my close friends and her husband started a business washing windows, power washing, cleaning out gutters, cleaning air-conditioning units, all that fun stuff we hate to do every spring. Well you know how I just LOVE free stuff, so we got together and decided to do another cake pop giveaway! Check out her website (here) and her facebook page (here) for more details on the giveaway! She also ordered some Detroit Tigers themed cake pops for her brothers 6th birthday. Here they are..

Don't forget to enter the Mommy Needs a Break cake pop giveaway along with the Pane in the Glass Window Washing one! Good Luck! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

No time!

Wow, I've been really slacking with this whole blog lately. It was another busy weekend for me, which is a good thing. I JUST got done (it's 10:45 PM day two) with all the orders for tomorrow. I have 6 getting shipped and 6 getting picked up. I didn't have much time to snap photos while I was working on them, but I sure did taste test. I think my new favorite is the oreo though, or maybe the chocolate peanut butter...hmm I can't decide!

I did however have time to snap a few of my monkey boy being handsome as usual. He is really into touching and feeling everything right now. If you talk to him he will try and stick his hand right into your mouth, it's so silly. People always ask me how I have the time to do all this baking with a 5 month old. To be honest I just put him first. He is my number one, and if It takes me twice as long - oh well. I want to be the best mother I can. Seeing him smile, and hearing him laugh are my favorite things.

We are still working on making the switch from bassinet/cosleeping to crib. I blame myself for it being so difficult. So far he makes it about 4-6 hours, and I of course am sleeping in his room also on the extra bed. I'm hoping after we get the crib thing worked out I will go back to my big comfy soft bed with my bed hogging dog and husband. 

Mommy Needs a Break reviewed my cake pops! We are also doing a giveaway - so you still have a chance to taste these Dee-licious cake pops! Review and giveaway (here)..Don't forget my giveaway also (here)! We somehow managed to get 200 fans before the 150 giveaway ended so I'm making that one extra special, and 2 lucky people will be surprised. Good Luck!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Thank you everyone! The winning pops are CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER, COOKIE DOUGH, and OREO. Head on over to https://www.facebook.com/deesliciousdesserts to place an order!


It's been a little hectic in the Price house this week. I haven't had many orders, but I think it's all catching up with me. I'm one tired Momma. I did make some Red Velvet brownie and Oreo Bites and they both were super yummy. I just wish Oreos weren't nearly $4.00 a package. I'll be looking out for coupons and sales for sure.

I think my little man is going to skip the crawl phase and go into the "bear walk" phase. He keeps doing push ups, and I'm not talking about your typical baby push up. He is way too strong.

So I think I'm becoming one of those moms that is crazy about what is in her childs food.. My son is breast fed (not completely exclusive), but now that he's eating vegetables I'm getting nervous. I got my baby bullet out and made some Peas. It cost me $0.95 for 12 servings (he eats one a day). I couldn't believe how much brighter the home made stuff was, and it totally smelled better. The commissary doesn't really carry much organic stuff here, so I'll have to settle for the regular sweet potatoes, but I'm sure it'll still be better than the jar crap, right?

I hate blogging in the morning because something awesome usually happens to me during the day and I have to wait until my next blog to tell you. SO I'm hoping for an amazing Friday as I actually have plans to go to a BBQ at the park around noon. The hubby gets off work to join me, and free food - BONUS!

OH and my website should be up and running in a few days thanks to my wonderful friend Mark. He's been such a great help! He will have so many baked goods at his door step :)

Happy Friday!

Monday, April 15, 2013


There are SO many giveaways going on right now with Dee's-licious Desserts. My 150 "likes" giveaway (here), Michelle Renee Photography (here), AND I just sent out Cake Pops to Mommy Needs a Break so we should be doing a Mother's Day Giveaway here soon. I'm so excited! 

So last night I played around and made some Twix Cookie Bars and they turned out pretty darn good. I ended up selling some because I was afraid I'd eat them all. I love finding new recipes to try, it gets me all excited. 

I did some bright fun Cake Pops today, I'm thinking about making more of these little fondant flowers for the Mother's Day Cake Pops. What do you think? I have so many to do so these seem simple enough. I hope they ship alright, though. I guess we will find out shortly because I'm shipping some tomorrow. 

I'm all backwards today because my husband is home. He is on day shift for a couple weeks so I get spoiled by his awesome cooking skills. It's funny I can bake anything, but tell me to cook dinner and I end up burning something. Tonight is grilled chicken salads. YUM!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I dream of Cherries.

When I first started making cake pops I couldn't believe the prices of sprinkles. Someone asked me where I bought my decorating supplies. Here it is, (this) is the website I use to buy most of my decorations. I also get my Merchens candy melts there. I get Wilton candy melts when they go on sale at Michaels. I also buy 1lb bags of white sanding sugar and make my own sprinkles. Here is what I do :

Buy a few bags of these, add a few drops of food coloring, mix, sprinkles!

My Little guy will be 5 months old tomorrow, I CANNOT believe it! Where has the time gone? He now gets up on his knees for a few seconds before he face plants. (lol) I swear he's going to start crawling in a few weeks. Maybe I should start baby proofing while I can..

Maddy stole a biscuit. Haha I had to share. One time she ate our Lasagna right off the counter, we call her our Italian Bulldog ;)
My Rose bushes are blooming! Gorgeous, huh?

 So these are the Mini Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes. They are my new favorite. I LOVE cherries, and well, I love chocolate. :) I have a feeling after this picture makes it's way around base I'll have a few orders. ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Lady Bugs are taking over my Kitchen!

 I am SO excited how this Lady bug order turned out. I had so much fun playing around with them. My customer was nice enough to let me play around with some and do what I want. I am just in love with the little guys on the white pops. It took me about 5 hours to decorate. I don't think people understand how much work goes into Cake Pops. All together including baking these babies I probably spend a good 7 or 8 hours. I'm only charging $1.00 per pop. I guess I just LOVE doing this. I'm not really looking to make a bunch of money, its just fun to do. I also made about 45 Cookie Dough Pops this morning, and dipped some Cherries for Mini Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes I'm doing tomorrow afternoon. This is going to be a short update as I've still got the Kitchen to clean up and a quick shower so I can hopefully run to a "girls night" for a bit. We've been living here going on two years, and I still BARELY have a handful of friends..time to get out and make some friends..oh and they promised me wine ;)

Aren't these so adorable? hehe

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Behind the scenes

So last night when I said I was done for the evening I lied. My little fell asleep so I messed around with some eggless cookie dough and made a cookie dough pop! Mmm, they're so delicious! I know everyone wants the recipe so (here) it is.. only i tweaked it to my liking ;) I 1/4th the recipe so I only made about 10. I already have about 45 to make this weekend! 

Little man had carrots today, and some how managed to get it on the bottom of his foot. . He knocked the spoon out of my hand and got carrot to the eye. We had fun, until it was time to wipe his little face off. I guess you could say we enjoy playing with our food in this house.

I got a request to show how I make my cake pops. Although I'm not making pops today, I am starting my Autism Awareness balls. Same thing, only it's not on a stick. Before you make cake pops/cake balls for the first time you should read my tips (here)..

First, obviously is cake. You've got to bake it. I am only baking 12 cupcakes because my orders are chocolate and vanilla. Recipe for 12 cupcakes (here) or if you are using cake mix (here). - I chose to do cupcakes instead of using a cake pan, but you can use whatever you like.

After your cake/cupcakes are cooled toss it in the Kitchen Aid for a few minutes until it's crumbled (you can also do this by hand). 
Slowly add frosting until it is completely mixed and forms into a ball on your attachment (lol). If you're mixing by hand just make sure there is enough frosting for the ball to keep it's form, but not too much that your hands get caked in frosting. 
Now it's time to roll. I use about 1.5 tbs per ball. Again, if your hands are caked in the mixture you added too much frosting. Don't forget to add toothpicks if you're doing balls.
*If I were making cake pops I would chill the balls for about 10 minutes in the freezer, melt some chocolate, dip sticks in chocolate and then in balls*
Chill for a bit in the freezer. These guys were in there for about 50 minutes because that's how long it took me to clean up and attend to my munchkin. 

If you're like me and have 20 other things to do along with these babies, you will have to let the balls sit out for a bit and warm up. I get my candy melts ready for dipping. (Remember the key here it to get the candy just warm enough to melt and the balls should be chilled, but not frozen.) 

Are you ready? when I dip you dip we dip - After the coating is dry I pull out the toothpick and add a bit of chocolate to seal the entire ball so we don't get leakage (again tips here).

Time to decorate. These are for Autism Awareness so they're drizzled in red, yellow, green, and blue. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One busy lady..

Today was a busy day and it started at nearly 7 AM thanks to my ever so wonderful (almost) 5 month old, but first I have to tell you about all the goodies I bought last night at Michaels. Wilton Candy Melts were only $1.97 (GASP) - I KNOW! As soon as I saw that on my phone I packed up the diaper bag, grabbed the kido, and darted out the door. I bought about 20 bags! Although I prefer Merckens I couldn't pass up that deal! I also finally bought some wood to make some cake pops stands which my lovely husband helped me with Today. Anyways, point is I ended up spending just under $60.00 and got a TON of stuff. So if you're near a Michaels and need to stock up I suggest you do so fast, my local store was already out of pink and the sale doesn't end until Saturday. They are also offering 50% off cake decorating classes!! 
So today I finally had the time to start up Blogger (yay!) now I wont have to work so hard updating my blog on Dee's-licious Desserts. I have to say this is much easier. After finishing that up I ran to the post office to ship out some cake pops, and ordered my boxes to ship out all the Mother's Day orders. I am in shock at how many orders I already have! I've already started prepping the bubble wrap and will hopefully soon start on the tags. If I don't start now I will be in over my head come the time I need to fill orders. 
I tried a new fondant recipe (here) and it turned out ..alright.. luckily it will work for what I'm doing with it. I didn't have any clear vanilla, but I don't think it made much of a difference.. it's still pretty white. I also started on little lady bugs for a Cake Pop order. I am really excited about these, I have never done lady bugs before! I may still play around with it though, I'm never really satisfied with my work. I also baked the cakes to roll up for the Autism Awareness balls I will be doing tomorrow at some point. I was expecting more people to order them, but any donation will help, right? I only got 7 orders I believe, but will be rounding my donation up to $10.00. After all that's why I am doing them.
Now it's time to clean up and give my little man a bath. He has a photo shoot tomorrow with his favorite photographer and Momma is excited! 

(and yes, I made ALL that fondant for those ladybugs..luckily this stuff stores pretty easy)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a GIRL!

I so knew it would be a girl! When I was dipping the pops ALL the blue ones came out perfect and a few pink ones cracked. Figures. Luckily I only had to fix one. I was a nervous wreck all day wondering if I put the correct pops in the bag, even though I dotted the bottom of the pink pops. I probably went back to the bag to check 5 or 6 times. My husband wasn't helping either with his "are you sure they're the right ones?" comment every few hours. 
Today I also got another homemade apron in the mail from my talented Grandmother-in-law. I have a little collection going. I still manage to get covered in flour every time, don't ask me how... I wont be covered in flour tonight, I have the entire evening off to relax. Tomorrow though, I've got some exciting little fondant lady bugs to make!

Monday, April 8, 2013


If you're reading this then my long night was worth it! This is my first official blog on my new domain! Yay!!  I always get awkward when I'm supposed to tell people about myself, so I'm just going to skip that part. I'm sure you'll learn more about me with each and every post.
A previous customer emailed me yesterday and asked if I would do Gender Reveal Cake Pops, I was so excited she came to me. She had ordered some Easter Pops for her kids and told me she contemplated hiding them and keeping them for herself. It's always nice to hear how much my customers enjoy their goodies. She's delivering me a sealed (hopefully) envelope tomorrow with the gender of her baby. I knew I couldn't keep her waiting so I made blue and pink cake pops ahead of time. All I have to do is give her the bag containing the pops with the correct gender. This was so much fun to do - I had to snap photos along the way. 

After eating a couple (hey, I had to!) I decided I should probably give the others away or I'll eat them all myself. So if you haven't yet go to my Facebook page (here) and like the giveaway status. We find out tomorrow if it's a boy or girl! (and who gets the free cake pops)