Friday, April 19, 2013


It's been a little hectic in the Price house this week. I haven't had many orders, but I think it's all catching up with me. I'm one tired Momma. I did make some Red Velvet brownie and Oreo Bites and they both were super yummy. I just wish Oreos weren't nearly $4.00 a package. I'll be looking out for coupons and sales for sure.

I think my little man is going to skip the crawl phase and go into the "bear walk" phase. He keeps doing push ups, and I'm not talking about your typical baby push up. He is way too strong.

So I think I'm becoming one of those moms that is crazy about what is in her childs food.. My son is breast fed (not completely exclusive), but now that he's eating vegetables I'm getting nervous. I got my baby bullet out and made some Peas. It cost me $0.95 for 12 servings (he eats one a day). I couldn't believe how much brighter the home made stuff was, and it totally smelled better. The commissary doesn't really carry much organic stuff here, so I'll have to settle for the regular sweet potatoes, but I'm sure it'll still be better than the jar crap, right?

I hate blogging in the morning because something awesome usually happens to me during the day and I have to wait until my next blog to tell you. SO I'm hoping for an amazing Friday as I actually have plans to go to a BBQ at the park around noon. The hubby gets off work to join me, and free food - BONUS!

OH and my website should be up and running in a few days thanks to my wonderful friend Mark. He's been such a great help! He will have so many baked goods at his door step :)

Happy Friday!

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